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Miss Luna is saying Issy is her friend on her journal. Issy does not know if Miss Luna keeps her journal for ELFS too, although that is a stupid thing to be thinking when Miss Luna is not an elf! But Miss Luna is going to ELFS and to the foolish elfs at SPEW who are not being good elfs any more, like naughty Dobby of Hogwarts Castle. She thinks maybe Miss Luna misses Oddswallow Hollow so much she is wanting to be an elf!

Old Mistlethwaite says is it is always being different with Castle elfs because they is having no family but Issy is having a mind of her own and is saying it is no different at all. Dobby is just having a way and elfs is not supposed to be having a way. Pulling ears is Master Professor Snape's way, and being in the bath is Master Draco's way, but elfs is not having a way unless they is being bad elfs. Naughty Dobby talks in Floos on his own when there is no emergency and even when there is pots to be shining. Issy would be shining the pots first, even when there is magic in the air that is making everyone sing.

Issy liked the singing magic and all those words in her head. Old Mistlethwaite is still hating the singing magic and is being grumbling about it every day. But he was hardly having any songs in his head at all and they were cross old songs too and he only had the pots and brushes to be singing to.

Issy does not know if the Masters are missing the nice songs in their heads too. Issy should be making the bed and dusting the bedroom and polishing the mirrors and the windows and the skirting boards and all the wood everywhere and the lamps, and inside the lamps, and under the lamps, because she was not dusting lamps at all yesterday when the Masters were Sleeping Very Late. She does not know if they are missing the nice songs or if they are thinking about something else. They are not being happy. They are not being shouting and angry. They are Thinking. Lake Cottage does not like it when Masters are Thinking. It is shifting and creaking and waiting for what they are thinking about and it gives Issy gets a creepy crawly feeling, like ants.

Issy will go to ELFS tomorrow. Now she is remembering the lamps.
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