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A good elf is always being busy and the Masters now having the other Sir here and with Miss Lily coming every day and now the Mistress for dinner every night is the most happiest and busiest Issy has ever been being.

Miss Lily is such a good big clever girl and lets Issy wipe her sticky hands every sticky time. Some babies are not so very good babies but Miss Lily is never squirming and cross and when Issy says she is not eating dirt and she is not chasing the little creepy beetles she is always a good girl. And Sir says Issy is a good elf and gives her a new button because he sees she is liking them, even though he is The Great Mr Harry Potter, who is Dobby's Master in that secret way no elf ever says because Dobby will be being so cross and silly about it.

All elfs is needing a Master. The Master makes the House come alive. Issy is remembering that from being a tiny elf in her old woman's basket. Issy is not knowing the right word for writing that down. Shomatheer is looking funny but basket is being right. Issy remembers being curling up warm in the knitting and the sewing and the mending and the darning and hearing. Sometimes there is being no real House but there is a Master and the Master is only half a Master and is being sad and lonely, like nice Miss Luna. Sometimes there is no real Master but there is a House and the House is only half alive like hollow old Smallacoombe Downs. Elfs with no Master Issy calls sneaking elves and elfs with no House she is calling sniffing elves.

Issy is a good and lucky elf with a special strong House that is always calling for more and more family and growing so fast the Masters helped Lake Cottage make another wing out over the water. A special House makes a special Elf, no matter listening to what The Old Hag Downstairs says as Master Professor Snape is saying I must not and now Issy never is even hearing her. A pretty wing with big shiny windows all light and gold for the new Mistress and Issy was holding Miss Lily's hand and watching she is not running in the way and then there was having a special dinner. Lake Cottage was being very happy that day and Issy hardly had any work to be keeping out the beetles and the drafts and the dust. Everything was shiny and happy that day and then Old Mistlethwaite came back.

Issy would be very happy to be serving Mistress deVries too but nasty Old Mistlethwaite was called back to serve in the new wing which Issy is not to call a wing but Miss deVries' Apart Meant. Issy would do for every Master and Sir and Mistress and Miss not like Old Mistlethwaite who is not even using the Mistress's right name and is always whispering Malfoy when she is not hearing even though she says no. Ooh if Jeevesey was knowing how sneaky he is then there would be trouble. He is bowing and saying Yes but he is meaning all sorts of sneaky No. But Issy is a good elf and makes no trouble because Lake Cottage is still happy again. There is always enough plates and towels being found again even without searching and arguing and all the doors is opening when they should and her in the lake cannot be creeping even as close as the boat because Lake Cottage is happy and strong in every stone with having so much family that needs it.


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