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Issy can be making strawberry icecream. There is no needing Masters to be buying it from shops when Issy can be making it perfectly well if Miss Issy is liking it so much. But they is wanting it to be being bought in Diagon Alley and Issy is going and when she is coming back they is all already gone and everything is feeling different.

All suddenly Lake Cottage is being empty and Lake Cottage is not liking that at all. The Masters and Sir and the Mistress is taking the little Miss up to the castle for to be meeting someones important about somethings important. And there was no one to be eating the strawberry icecream Issy was told to be going out to buy so she could have been making it carefully till it was good without Miss Lily having to wait.

It is being very quiet here and Lake Cottage is being worried and when Old Mistlethwaite was trying to be creeping into the main house Lake Cottage was not letting him. Issy did not let Old Mistlethwaite see her laughing. But Lake Cottage is busy being cross with Old Mistlethwaite for sneaking and so is not being watching the Lake at all so Issy is doing it high up from Master Professor Snape's workroom. Issy is watching for Her who is always creeping close when ever she can.

In all the quiet with all the people gone and all the spells stopped something is not being right. All the real magic is tense like something is coming. And Lake Cottage is not knowing what and house elves is not knowing what. And Issy is being frightened too and is wanting her journal to be talking to.

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