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Issy was so very bad not to be writing to Master Draco when he said to be writing to him but Issy was doing so many other things and there was Old Mistlethwaite to be shooing away from Master Professor Snape when he was breaking things and carrying on and there was the other naughty bad Draco who is not belonging to Lake Cottage and Lake Cottage shifting and closing things and hiding things away all the time it was being so angry and all the nasty biting ladies in the lake always breaking and slithernig and dripping in every place and Lake Cottage creaking so the dust and the beetles were everywhere and there was being no time but Issy should have been making time and now Master Professor Snape is hurt because Master Draco did not know about Draco who is not belonging to Lake Cottage and it is all Issy's fault!

Master Draco is making Issy faithfully promis she will be writing in her ELFS journal and she will do it because she is a good elf even though the journal is not to be being for ELFS now but for "friends" which is meaning Miss Luna of Oddswallow Hollow and Master Draco. She will be faithfully writing about any important thing happening in Lake Cottage if she could just be telling what things were the right important things to be writing when everything at Lake Cottage is important and if Issy was writing anything then no one would be making the dinners!

There was being a nasty big whisker-wiggling beetle in the kitchen after lunch and Issy is smashing it with a big pan because when she is vanishing the big whiskery beetles they is always coming back. Beetles is not caring about elf magic, they is only caring about big pans.

Mistress Narcissa is liking her bread sliced more thickly tomorrow for lunch. Issy could tell.

Miss Lily's fish is needing to be washed if Issy can be sneaking it away while she is sleeping.

Master Harry Potter is being very loudly shouting at Master Draco and now Master Draco is being very loudly shouting at Master Harry Potter and they is making a wall of silence so Master Professor Snape will not be hearing their shouting and will stay sleeping with Mister Professor Slughorn potions and so that is all being all right as it should be and Lake Cottage is much happier except for the shadows but Issy is only a house elf and does not think she understands.


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