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2009-02-28 10:14 pm

In the Library of Lake Cottage


Master Professor!

He is taking MASTER DRACO!
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2008-09-12 07:54 pm

WWW's Tricksy Little Recorder (Now In New Shapes!): Transcript 1


Issy is not liking it. She is not liking it. Master Harry will not be being happy with Issy at all.

Is you working, little machine? You is beeping one time and time and you is still blue and Master Draco was saying...





Issy is taking you in then because she is a good elf and is doing what her Master tells her and Master Draco is being her very first proper Master. Oh but Master Harry will be knowing and he will be looking sad at Issy and...

*sound of door closing and mingled voices*
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2008-08-24 03:37 pm

FLOO CALL: Professor Slughorn

Professor Horace Slughorn, sir, Issy of Lake Cottage is asking for you!
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2008-06-21 11:02 pm

FLOO CALL: Headmaster's Office, Hogwarts

Master Professor Snape you is coming quickly! Master Draco...
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2008-04-01 10:39 pm

In the second guest bedroom at Lake Cottage

Ipso's Manic Mummy Monitoring Charm - five minute non-attendance audio activation
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2008-04-01 11:52 am

Origami squid note: Mistlethwaite

I'm having a guest for mahjong.

A jug of gin and tonics, with lime. A bucket of ice. And flowers. Whites and pinks. Astrid's of course, they'll arrange everything.

My son's elf can serve, I think. It's not an event likely to be improved by your sniffing. Send her out while you attend to the food. Something light. I feel like spring.
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2008-02-16 11:29 pm

Loud whisper in the library floo: Harry Potter

Master Harry Potter, sir!

You is being making Master Draco unhappy and you should be stopping that right now.
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2008-02-16 11:25 pm
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2007-11-17 09:46 pm

Floo call: Headmaster Dumbledore's office

Issy is so very sorry but she is calling and asking to speak to Master Draco because Master Professor Snape is saying she must!
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2007-11-16 03:31 pm

a elf's life [filter: friends]

Issy was so very bad not to be writing to Master Draco when he said to be writing to him but Issy was doing so many other things and there was Old Mistlethwaite to be shooing away from Master Professor Snape when he was breaking things and carrying on and there was the other naughty bad Draco who is not belonging to Lake Cottage and Lake Cottage shifting and closing things and hiding things away all the time it was being so angry and all the nasty biting ladies in the lake always breaking and slithernig and dripping in every place and Lake Cottage creaking so the dust and the beetles were everywhere and there was being no time but Issy should have been making time and now Master Professor Snape is hurt because Master Draco did not know about Draco who is not belonging to Lake Cottage and it is all Issy's fault!

Read more... )
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2007-10-20 10:08 pm

Floo Call: Luna Lovegood

Miss Luna? Miss Luna of Oddswallow Hollow?

It is being Issy of Lake Cottage!

Oh, Miss Luna is helping please!
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2007-10-08 11:34 pm

(no subject)

Issy can be making strawberry icecream. There is no needing Masters to be buying it from shops when Issy can be making it perfectly well if Miss Issy is liking it so much. But they is wanting it to be being bought in Diagon Alley and Issy is going and when she is coming back they is all already gone and everything is feeling different.

All suddenly Lake Cottage is being empty and Lake Cottage is not liking that at all. The Masters and Sir and the Mistress is taking the little Miss up to the castle for to be meeting someones important about somethings important. And there was no one to be eating the strawberry icecream Issy was told to be going out to buy so she could have been making it carefully till it was good without Miss Lily having to wait.

It is being very quiet here and Lake Cottage is being worried and when Old Mistlethwaite was trying to be creeping into the main house Lake Cottage was not letting him. Issy did not let Old Mistlethwaite see her laughing. But Lake Cottage is busy being cross with Old Mistlethwaite for sneaking and so is not being watching the Lake at all so Issy is doing it high up from Master Professor Snape's workroom. Issy is watching for Her who is always creeping close when ever she can.

In all the quiet with all the people gone and all the spells stopped something is not being right. All the real magic is tense like something is coming. And Lake Cottage is not knowing what and house elves is not knowing what. And Issy is being frightened too and is wanting her journal to be talking to.

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2007-08-06 11:55 pm

Issy is remembering to write

A good elf is always being busy and the Masters now having the other Sir here and with Miss Lily coming every day and now the Mistress for dinner every night is the most happiest and busiest Issy has ever been being.

Miss Lily is such a good big clever girl and lets Issy wipe her sticky hands every sticky time. Some babies are not so very good babies but Miss Lily is never squirming and cross and when Issy says she is not eating dirt and she is not chasing the little creepy beetles she is always a good girl. And Sir says Issy is a good elf and gives her a new button because he sees she is liking them, even though he is The Great Mr Harry Potter, who is Dobby's Master in that secret way no elf ever says because Dobby will be being so cross and silly about it.

All elfs is needing a Master.  )

Issy would be very happy to be serving Mistress deVries too but nasty Old Mistlethwaite was called back to serve in the new wing which Issy is not to call a wing but Miss deVries' Apart Meant. Issy would do for every Master and Sir and Mistress and Miss not like Old Mistlethwaite who is not even using the Mistress's right name and is always whispering Malfoy when she is not hearing even though she says no. Ooh if Jeevesey was knowing how sneaky he is then there would be trouble. He is bowing and saying Yes but he is meaning all sorts of sneaky No. But Issy is a good elf and makes no trouble because Lake Cottage is still happy again. There is always enough plates and towels being found again even without searching and arguing and all the doors is opening when they should and her in the lake cannot be creeping even as close as the boat because Lake Cottage is happy and strong in every stone with having so much family that needs it.
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2007-04-30 01:30 pm

little babies that need thing after thing after thing

Issy is not being cross about Old Mistlethwaite going to help the little babies and do all the things little babies is needing just because he is an Old Malfoy elf and is thinking more about the family than about the house. That is not being the proper house-elf way at all, but Issy will not be being cross because of all the little bitty things the babies might be wanting right now and Issy could be doing but she is not doing. She will just be dusting the nasty old potion-stained glassy and tubey things in Master Professor Snape's workroom and she will not even be dropping any even by accident because she is a good elf.

If every little thing is sparkling shiny clean Master Draco might have the babies coming to Lake Cottage, and Lake Cottage would be liking that very much. Every house is needing babies some time, with their little mouths that is needing wiping and their little hands that is getting very messy and their little tummies that is always needing more things cooking and mixing and their little breaths that is breathing houses alive.
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2007-04-12 07:38 am

Issy has a friend!

Miss Luna is saying Issy is her friend on her journal. Issy does not know if Miss Luna keeps her journal for ELFS too, although that is a stupid thing to be thinking when Miss Luna is not an elf! But Miss Luna is going to ELFS and to the foolish elfs at SPEW who are not being good elfs any more, like naughty Dobby of Hogwarts Castle. She thinks maybe Miss Luna misses Oddswallow Hollow so much she is wanting to be an elf!

Old Mistlethwaite says is it is always being different with Castle elfs because they is having no family but Issy is having a mind of her own and is saying it is no different at all. Dobby is just having a way and elfs is not supposed to be having a way. Pulling ears is Master Professor Snape's way, and being in the bath is Master Draco's way, but elfs is not having a way unless they is being bad elfs. Naughty Dobby talks in Floos on his own when there is no emergency and even when there is pots to be shining. Issy would be shining the pots first, even when there is magic in the air that is making everyone sing.

Issy liked the singing magic and all those words in her head. Old Mistlethwaite is still hating the singing magic and is being grumbling about it every day. But he was hardly having any songs in his head at all and they were cross old songs too and he only had the pots and brushes to be singing to.

Issy does not know if the Masters are missing the nice songs in their heads too. Issy should be making the bed and dusting the bedroom and polishing the mirrors and the windows and the skirting boards and all the wood everywhere and the lamps, and inside the lamps, and under the lamps, because she was not dusting lamps at all yesterday when the Masters were Sleeping Very Late. She does not know if they are missing the nice songs or if they are thinking about something else. They are not being happy. They are not being shouting and angry. They are Thinking. Lake Cottage does not like it when Masters are Thinking. It is shifting and creaking and waiting for what they are thinking about and it gives Issy gets a creepy crawly feeling, like ants.

Issy will go to ELFS tomorrow. Now she is remembering the lamps.
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2007-04-01 07:30 pm

Floo Call: Sung through the Floo to Hogwarts Kitchens

'Round and 'round the cobbler's bench
The monkey chased the weasel,
The monkey thought 'twas all in fun
Pop! Goes the weasel.

A penny for a spool of thread
A penny for a needle,
That's the way the money goes,
Pop! Goes the weasel.

A half a pound of tupenny rice,
A half a pound of treacle.
Mix it up and make it nice,
Pop! Goes the weasel.

Up and down the London road,
In and out of the Eagle,
That's the way the money goes,
Pop! Goes the weasel.

I've no time to plead and pine,
I've no time to wheedle,
Kiss me quick and then I'm gone
Pop! Goes the weasel.
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2007-03-31 11:54 pm

Owl Post: Miss Luna Lovegood

[the envelope is addressed in a small neat hand and contains nothing but a red mushroom-shaped plastic button]
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2007-03-29 04:58 pm

(no subject)

To Miss Luna of Oddswallow Hollow

Here is Issy House-Elf of Lake Cottage writing to you the way you said and she is writing on Master Draco's machine as you were saying would be all right even if he didn't say so because Issy is allowed to touch the machine for cleaning and writing on the machine is only touching machine. Miss Doctor Emmy was saying so as well.

Issy is not so very sure Master Draco would agree with Miss Doctor Emmy but she promised faithfully the journal for ELFS and ELFS is very nice to house-elves like Issy who are Having A Mind Of Their Own but are still good elves.

Issy will write no more as there is dust getting on the window still but Miss Luna is a very nice witch for asking just an elf to write to her.

Issy of Lake Cottage